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Gout Uric - Gout- the Battle Between Myth and Facts
There has always been a battle between myths and facts when it came to gout. This battle has been fought over the cause and treatments of the gout. Some said that your gout can only be treated with medications and gout is caused mainly by your poor diet, whereas others strongly believed otherwise. The fact is that there are many steps that one can take to relieve his/ her gout symptoms and diet is maybe one of the last reasons for developing a gout.

As I have said before, the main reason that causes a gout is uric acid in larger quantities than needed. This chemical breaks and builds up food and tissues. Now, you are maybe wondering what causes this uric acid excess. well, to break down the myth, here are some of the main causes:  - an increased production of this acid can lead to a gout;  - a poor elimination of this acid is also another cause that lead to gout; this poor elimination is cause by your kidneys;  - and last eating foods that contain purine;  So, as you can see, diet is not the main culprit of a gout, but as in any myth there is some truth, it is one of the causes.

  • The other case, where the myth states that gout can only be treated with medication, let me prove otherwise.
  • Loss of weight can be very beneficial in your gout case.
  • People that have a few extra pounds are more at risk of developing a gout.
  • Furthermore, loosing of weight can relieve your gout symptoms.
  • Changes in your diet can also relieve the gout symptoms and even prevent gout.
  • Try to avoid ant foods containing purine, alcohol and sugar.
  • Cherry juice is also known for preventing a gout attack.
To be More Sure of These Facts, Here are Some Useful Gout Information
First of all, gout is actually another from of arthritis. Crystals are formed in your joints. The main gout target are people whose bodies produce a bigger quantity of uric acid of do not eliminate as much of this acid as they should. So, as you can see, uric acid is the main culprit in a gout case. The most common area for a gout is the joint in your big toe , although all your other joints can be affected by a gout as well.

  • "What are the most effective gout home remedies?" a customer once asked me?
  • I immediately told him that there are many remedies for gout that have received positive feedback from my customers.
4. Vitamin Therapy- Research studies have shown that a deficiency in vitamins such as A, B5 and E are serious factors that can lead to the formation and advancement of gout symptoms.  You should get a quality multi-vitamin and also supplement individual vitamins if needed.

  • But with all the home remedies out there, what are the safest, simplest and most effective remedies for gout?
  • That might depend upon your situation but usually you can treat the arthritic pain of gout without ever stepping foot into a hospital.
  • Enhancing your vocabulary is our intention with the writing of this article on Purines Foods.
  • We have used new and interesting words to achieve this.
However, by curing gout naturally, you can say good bye to the pain and the high uric acid levels which cause gout.

  • Tips to Decrease Uric Acid Levels and Cure Gout   Here are some tips we discuss in our Gout Home Remedies Report.   1.
    • Your Diet-[/b] You should learn what foods and beverages put you at risk for higher levels of uric acid formation.
    • Stay away from purines.
    • Foods that should be eliminated are red meats, fish roe, scallops, shellfish, beans, lentils, peas and alcohol.
  • The case of gout, you can be the health provider at the comfort of your home because gout can be cured naturally.
  • In fact, some gout home remedies have been shown to reduce the pain and cure the uric crystals that cause the flare-up of gout.
2.  Your weight- Do you know what your BMI is?  Checking your body mass index can allow you to see what your ideal weight is.  You should always try to be within 30 lbs. of your ideal weight.  Obesity increases the risk of uric acid.

  • Why You Should Treat Gout and Not the Pain   As a natural health expert, I still regularly see the doctor for check-ups.
  • But I do believe that doctor visits are sometimes excessive.
  • For instance, it is reported that doctor visits are exponentially rising in the past decade.
  • Some say that we have become the first generation who are allowing doctors to look over our health.
  • We have not included any imaginary or false information on Gout Treatment here.
  • Everything here is true and up to the mark!
  • A Step by Step Remedy Gout Remedy   Never piece together a remedy and hope that it works!
  • We offer a guaranteed Gout Remedy Report that is research-based, guaranteed and proven to satisfy!
  • We have helped thousands of gout sufferers and would love to help you.
  • To learn more about a step by step gout remedy, please visit us today.
Unfortunately, millions of gout sufferers continue to see their doctor about the arthritis condition that usually affects the big toe.  And after an expensive doctor visit and a more expensive prescription of pain killers, you still don't have a cure for gout but only a treatment for the pain.

  • And in most cases, doctors do not have an answer for treating the gout causing uric acid.
  • They simply provide patients with pain relieving NSAIDs. :D
3. Flush Uric Acid- You can naturally flush uric acid with water.  Go and buy a Nalgene water bottle and begin measuring how much water you drink per day.  You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces per day. Using our imagination has helped us create a wonderful article on Uric Acid Levels. Being imaginative is indeed very important when writing about Uric Acid Levels!

  • What is Arthritis?        Arthritis is inflammation of the joints.
  • It can occur anywhere in the body and, based on that, there are several types of arthritis.
  • The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis which is the common ailment of pain in the joints observed in elderly people.
  • Other common types of arthritic ailments are rheumatoid arthritis and gout.
The Pains Could Increase in the Winter Season or in Cold Nights
How can Arthritis be avoided?        Arthritis cannot be avoided effectively as it is a common ailment that occurs with advancing age. One must learn to live with the problem. But there are various things which can be avoided in order to keep arthritis at bay.

Read More on <a href=""> Arthritis treatment </a> by Ayurveda and Arthritis Home Remedies.

You Have Recurrent Pains in the Joints, then Do Not Keep the Joint Covered
As far as possible, keep the joint exposed to the air. For example, if you have pain in the knee joints, then do not wear tight denim clothing; shorts would be a good idea. This will provide freer circulation of blood in the joint and reduce the pains.

  • Arthritis is an auto-immune disease, which means, it is a disease in which the human body attacks itself.
  • It begins in one or two joints where an acute pain is felt.
  • This is the most miserable phase of arthritis.
  • Over time, this pain may disappear, but it could cause permanent deformities in the bones and joints. ;)
  • Mix some cardamom in milk.
  • Put a pinch of turmeric in this milk.
  • This is to be drunk every night while going to sleep.
  • This makes the person sleep peacefully in the morning.
Pains Alternate Between Various Joints Quickly
If the arthritis becomes acute, then on a particular day there is very sharp pain in a joint, and it becomes absolutely normal the next day. The next day another joint could be affected in a similar fashion.

  • What are the Symptoms of Arthritis?        In all types of arthritis, the following symptoms are observed:-       
  • The initial pains are felt as fleeting pains in the joints, which seem to be no more than a twitching pain.
  • Asafetida mixed with egg yolk can be applied on the affected joints to seek immediate relief.         
  • Prepare a pancake from wheat flour.
  • Roast it on one side, but leave it uncooked on the other.
  • Then put some heated mustard oil on the uncooked side.
  • When it is hot, tie it like a tourniquet on the affected joint, or provide fomentation with it.
  • This provides quick relief.
  • Applying a paste of limestone and honey on the affected joints externally provides relief.       
  • Mash some mustard in warm water and apply this solution on the joints.
  • This must be done repeatedly to get results.
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis is a more serious problem than osteoarthritis because it can occur at any age. In people with rheumatoid arthritis, the ligaments and tendons between the joints undergo degeneration. This causes severe pain where the degeneration has taken place. Common rheumatoid arthritis pains are felt in the fingers; but other places like the wrists, hip and knees are also affected. Rheumatoid arthritis is responsible for deformation of the fingers.

Why is Arthritis caused?        Different types of arthritis are caused due to different reasons.        (  Osteoarthritis - Osteoarthritis is a common old-age problem, which affects several people who have crossed the age of 40 years. In people with osteoarthritis, the bones may increase in size at their articulating points. As a result the spaces between them in the joints become less. When moving about, there is a high probability that different bones will rub against each other. This is the cause of osteoarthritis.

  • Tomatoes       
  • Peppers       
  • Salt        Simple yogic asanas and light exercise helps proper digestion of the body and also protects it from autoimmune problems.
  • Hence, these are beneficial in arthritis.
  • The word arthritis is derived from two root Greek words - arthros meaning 'joint' and it is meaning 'inflammation'.
  • Hence, arthritis literally translates as inflammation of the joints.
How can Arthritis be controlled with Simple Home Remedies?        Some household remedies are known to provide relief from arthritic pains. The following are some of the more benefiting ones:- A lot of imagination is required in writing. People may think that writing on Arthritis Gout is very easy;  on the contrary, knowledge and imagination has to be merged to create an interesting composition.

  • The following foods must be avoided if you have continuous arthritic pains:- 
  • Animal fats       
  • Fried foods       
  • Foods rich in carbohydrates like potatoes
Put Two Teaspoons of Cumin Into a Glass of Water
Bring this to a boil. When the water is still hot, soak a towel in it and foment the affected region with this towel. This will provide relief from the pain within a few hours. This article has been written with the intention of showing some illumination to the meaning of Gout Arthritis. This is so that those who don't know much about Gout Arthritis can learn more about it.

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